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Boats in the Water

Dana is an incredible organizer. She comes to the space with not only great organizing expertise, but the eye of an artist. She knows how to use spaces most effectively. She listened to not only my ideas, but my children's ideas, which allowed the whole family to be on board with the project. She checked in and was so willing to answer questions over the phone and through text. When I thought I was done, she was able to give me more ideas to refine the space. I am SO pleased with the final product. -Barbara L.

Dana will bring the eye of an artist, the knowledge of an interior designer, and the skill of a home organizer into your house and find ways to transform Your space. -Natalie G.

My session with Dana was life changing! She guided me through organizing my office space, and helped my to implement systems to maintain the organization. The session itself was so calming and relaxing, and I loved how she followed up with deadlines and goals to hold me accountable. I highly recommend Dana to anyone looking for a little more order in their lives. -Sarah H.

Dana has great vision both for how to create an enjoyable experience as well as how to design a space to meet your needs/wishes! She took the time to understand what I had already done and helped guide me to discover my personal goals. She provided specific recommendations to organize the space, was willing to get as detailed (or not) as I was ready for, and provided notes after our meeting that were easy to follow and beautifully designed. -Abby M.

Calm + Order was so helpful in giving me the next steps in my project goals! I already had some vague ideas, but Dana really gave me direction, actionable steps, deadlines, and product suggestions. It was a wonderful experience! -Renata B.

Dana's artistic vision and clear-cut organizational framework helped us transform my daughter's over-cluttered bedroom into a space of functionality, while maintaining warmth and whimsy. Her calm presence was extremely valuable in focusing a wiggly 8-year old and she was able to gently re-direct my daughter's attention in order to accomplish our goal. I can't wait to utilize Dana's skills again for other spaces in my home! -Heather D., Lilah's mom

I liked working with Dana because she had good ideas, like the jewelry stand, bookshelf and mirror. Now my room is really clean!! Thanks!!! -Lilah F., age 8

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